Comfort? Seats

Sean coonhound at
Wed Jun 1 00:30:36 EDT 2005

The leather/ alcantara sport seats in the '87 5ktq sedan were comfortable, supportive, and held the upper back and arse very well in the twisties.
The 200q20v avant came with comforts.  They work, but feel more like one is sitting on them instead of in them- a sensation especially noticeable in the twisties, where they could be downright dangerous IMO.
So the comforts are now in the basement, replaced with sports from a 200q20v sedan.  All is well again.
But this driver prefers the alcantara insert sport seats to the all-leather variety, simply because the alcantara fabric "grips" so damn well.
Some (especially older) drivers, upon entering the car, sit on the seat with their feet on the ground, then pivot their feet into the car.  This is uncomfortable with the sport bolsters.  Exiting the car requires one to negotiate the bolster again.  This is part of what "comfort" means IMO.

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