Chip tuning: WAS Stray vacuum line

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Wed Jun 1 16:19:19 EDT 2005

Minhea's chipsets were long-ago about $200 in GP's.  Not sure what he gets 
-Scott by BOSTON  Minhea chip 200 20V

> From: Eric
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> First, Mihnea's chipset should be less than $800. IIRC, mine cost me
> somewhat less than $500 two years ago when Mihnea was just getting into
> Audi tuning. The advantage of a good chip is that it adjust fuel and spark
> to work best with the extra boost. As I recall, even a custom tuning
> session with Mihnea when he is in the USA is only $700 and this maximizes
> the chip tuning to your actual car. I believe there is a session being
> arranged in Colorado sometime soon.
> Second, a compressor map for the K24 is found at,
> along with some very good troubleshooting information and the ABCs of
> running high boost.
> HTH,

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