Fuel Pump

tdehoff at aol.com tdehoff at aol.com
Thu Jun 2 14:36:01 EDT 2005

Dear Gentlmen:
I am trying to figure out which is the proper fuel pump for replacement.  I have visited Chris Millers web site and he has a wonderful explanation of replacing the original fuel pump which is 63MM in dia with a new slimmer version which is 43MM but requires a new fuel line and an adapter so the slimmer fuel pump will fit in the older and larger fuel pump’s housing.  I can find this pump online but no one has the fuel line or adapter even though they list that you need them.  I have found by looking under a 1991 200 turbo Quattro 10V a fuel pump that looks very similar to the original one, in fact one web site lists it as 60MM and it seems to have all the same connections as the original one that I saw on Chris Miller’s web site.  
My pump is very noisy while running and when its warm out and the car has sat (but its cooled off yet)  its takes a lot of cranking to start it up.  In the morning it starts like a champ on the first crank.  I’ve read that this is most likely related to the fuel pump.  So could one of you experts give me some insight as to the proper fuel pump and maybe a good place to buy one 
91 200 143K.   

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