Nipple on turbocharger

Henry A Harper III hah at
Thu Jun 2 15:20:04 EDT 2005

> Gentlemen:
> I have been bothered by, what looks to me to be a nipple for a
> vacum line on the top of the turbocharger. The nipple is pointed
> towards the firewall in my car.  What's the purpose of this
> nipple? and do I need to be concerned that mine is not connected
> to anything.

The nipple on top of the =>wastegate<= is a vent intended to be open to
atmosphere so the wastegate diaphragm can move freely and do its job:

The actual turbocharger itself should not have anything that looks like it
needs connecting to a vacuum line. There should be one oil line in, one oil
line out, one water line in, one water line out - all connected.


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