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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Jun 2 16:29:00 EDT 2005

At 12:22 PM -0700 6/2/05, Bernie Benz wrote:
>I replaced mine a year or two ago with the smaller pump plus adaptor, both
>purchased from Scott, @ SJM Autotechnik <www.sjmauto.com>.  No other new
>parts needed.
>I don't recall all the details, but I used the old nylon hose, cutting off
>the attaching screw connector to the old pump, and a 6" piece of rubber fuel
>line and two mini hose clamps to connect between the nylon hose and the new
>pump's hose barb output.

I agree. I replaced the old pump with the new , slim version and 
concluded I could easily have done without replacing the fuel line 
(as per Bernie's description). Of course you _will_ need  to have the 
adapter--no way around that, at least nothing safe. Also, on the 
(Bosch) slim pump I used, a little modification to the electrical 
connectors was required.

I replaced my pump because of considerable noise (a hive of angry 
bees). However, if you merely want to fix the hard-start problem and 
you're willing to do exactly the same amount of work as replacing the 
entire pump--you can just replace the small check-valve that sits 
atop the pump. I don't recommend doing that, but it will in all 
liklihood solve your warm start problem. That valve costs just a few 
bucks, IIRC. On the new slim pump, the check valve is internal (note: 
if you decide replace the pump with the old 60 mm version, make 
certain a new check valve is installed).


>  Works great.  Just be sure to use down the tank to
>E before starting.  No special tool needed to remove and replace the 1/8
>turn spring ratainer.  I must have reused the old electrical connection
>wiring also.
>Don't try using a CIS pump on the 20V AFC system.
>>  From: tdehoff at aol.com
>>  I am trying to figure out which is the proper fuel pump for replacement.  I
>>  have visited Chris Millers web site and he has a wonderful explanation of
>>  replacing the original fuel pump which is 63MM in dia with a new slimmer
>>  version which is 43MM but requires a new fuel line and an adapter so the
>>  slimmer fuel pump will fit in the older and larger fuel pump's 
>>housing.  I can
>>  find this pump online but no one has the fuel line or adapter even 
>>though they
>>  list that you need them.  I have found by looking under a 1991 200 turbo
>>  Quattro 10V a fuel pump that looks very similar to the original one, in fact
>>  one web site lists it as 60MM and it seems to have all the same 
>>connections as
>>  the original one that I saw on Chris Miller's web site.
>>  My pump is very noisy while running and when its warm out and the 
>>car has sat
>>  (but its cooled off yet)  its takes a lot of cranking to start it 
>>up.  In the
>>  morning it starts like a champ on the first crank.  I've read that this is
>>  most likely related to the fuel pump.  So could one of you experts give me
>>  some insight as to the proper fuel pump and maybe a good place to buy one
>>  Tom
>>  91 200 143K.  
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