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  Thanks for the reply. Please note I didn't say it was a bad
experience, I just relayed what happened. I never did see the warranty,
thanks for pointing it out; it was done from an ebay auction that turned
into an internet sale. The email guaranteed it for 6 months and said it
would not be DOA! I was operating under that express warranty.
 I can understand how a vendor might want to examine a part to see if it
is defective, but why would a customer go through the hassle of
installing and removing a non defective part of this type???? This is
not plug and play. I bore the install cost, and did not ask for
reimbursement, although I haven't read the warranty to see if it would
have been covered. To return, wait for inspection and then wait for
another part was two weeks the car would have been down for that length
of time. That is unacceptable. I did offer to take a pic with my camera
phone and send if they wanted and offered to let them talk to the
mechanic who did the install if there were questions. If they wanted to
pay for return and found it not defective, then they would have been
right to charge me for both. 
 With regard to return, this is a part that cannot be reused. As I
pointed out, in the end Shokan did not want it back, probably because
they realized it has no value, so there is no sense in shipping back a
worthless part at their expense.
  Using your Best Buy analysis, would you expect to pay for a second TV
set when the first one you just received guaranteed to be working wasn't
working and then get a credit later? I sure wouldn't. My alternative was
to return the defective part for a credit and buy elsewhere, which I
offered to do. Apparently, Shokan didn't want to lose the business and
agreed to send the replacement part. 
In any event, I would do  business there again because I think they
handled everything correctly in the end. I think being a knowledgeable
consumer helped me. I shared my experience and people can come to their
own conclusions.
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Did you miss this part of Shokan's website were it clearly shows their
warranty/return policy? It states that warrantied items must be

I can't see how returning a defective item to receive an exchange
would warrant a bad experience. With buying used parts comes the risk
of that part arriving defective, it's par for the course, and why you
save over half of new cost. If you drove 100 miles to buy a new TV
from Best Buy and when you got home it was found to be defective, do
you think Best Buy would mail you a replacement, and let you keep the
broken one?

Expecting a part vendor to just trust a perfect stranger that the part
they sent to you is defective, and that you should not need to return
it for proof is a bit absurd. That is not how you run a profitable
business. I'm surprised they even let you keep the original unit. I
know plenty of vendors that would not have done so. Consider yourself

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