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Fri Jun 10 02:14:01 EDT 2005

Emre: As I recall, It should be pointed out that your PRO Shokan, and that 
you have friends there and know people........  As I read Jeralds post he got 
the situation resolved by talking to them about it.  So...........What's the 

Snip from the link you provided:
"Shokan is commited to satisfaction Here at Shokan, we are committed to 
ensuring you get both a reliable part for your Audi, and the correct part.We 
thoroughly test each and every used part we sell to ensure a long lasting part after 
the sale."..................................... if Jerald's part DID leak, 
and wasn't damaged in shipping, who do you think didn't test it well ?

-Scott by BOSTON

> From: Emre Washburn <>
> Jerald,
> Did you miss this part of Shokan's website were it clearly shows their
> warranty/return policy? It states that warrantied items must be
> returned.
> <<<<SNIP>>>>
> Expecting a part vendor to just trust a perfect stranger that the part
> they sent to you is defective, and that you should not need to return
> it for proof is a bit absurd. That is not how you run a profitable
> business. I'm surprised they even let you keep the original unit. I
> know plenty of vendors that would not have done so. Consider yourself
> lucky.
> -- 
> Emre
> 92 //S4
> 90 Cq

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