6'6 is way too tall for this car

PyRo pyro_10314 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 17:15:24 EDT 2005

im 6'6 and i fit into a '88 90 and now my 91 200. but
if i try to drive my friends A4 its very

--- gary at squirrelsoup.net wrote:

> Sometimes it depends on how long the person's legs
> are in proportion to
> the rest of the body.
> If one has long legs, its 'OK' to fit in (I am 6'4)
> My friend who is 6'6 can drive my car fine, however
> my cousin who has
> different proportions cannot even fit.
> In terms of comfort for large people, my 200 is no
> longer used by me
> because its not comfortable and bad for my back.
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