Heater fan question

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Jun 10 20:30:05 EDT 2005

Hi Tom,

Yes, I have replaced heater fan brushes on two 44 chassis cars.  A very
simple job, once you get the motor and blower wheel out.  The brushes are
5/16" square X 1/2" long W 1" leads.  Part No.52H from Helwig Carbon
Products, NYC.  On 6/96 their phone was 414-354-2411.  $1.20 each!  If they
have a minimum, buy a pair for me, I'm out.


> From: Tom Ellis <tom at tomellisphoto.com>
> Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 13:56:11 -0700
> To: <b.benz at charter.net>
> Subject: Heater fan question
> Hi Bernie,
> Once again I'm looking for some advice.  My 91 200 20v has a failing heater
> fan, with all of the classic symptoms (to me at least) of bad brushes.  Have
> you ever tried (or know anyone who has) to replace the brushes in one of
> these fan motors?  I hate to spend ~$140 to buy a new unit if it is possible
> to take the old one apart and repair it.  As you know, getting the motor out
> is enough of a job that I don't want to take it out just to look and see if
> a rebuild is possible.  If I can't rebuild I want to have the replacement on
> hand so I have the car back on the road with minimal down-time, not to
> mention minimal labor time!
> Thanks for your help!
> Tom Ellis

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