Replaced Fuel Pump :)

Tdehoff at Tdehoff at
Wed Jun 15 20:55:01 EDT 2005

I want to express my thanks to this list in helping my replace my noisy and  
worn out old fuel pump.  I would especially like to thanks Scott at SJM for  
the parts and the rental of the tool needed to get the old pump out and the new 
 pump in.  Also his web site was a wealth of knowledge with detailed written  
procedures that even this fumbling fool of a DIY mechanic could follow.   
Also Chris Millers web site is also a great place to get detailed instruction  
and pictures to do this job.  It took me only 1.5 hours from start to clean  up. 
 Can't believe it went so smooth.  Again thanks to this group. 
Tom D 
91 200TQ

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