Audi's and Subaru's

michael mdearing at
Thu Jun 23 08:50:01 EDT 2005

We have driven Audi's and Sub's side by side for 20 years. My wife 
likes a no cares car that goes through snow, slush and gravel with 
little tire slip. She drives the Subaru the most. I drive it when with 
the dogs (it is setup for safe transport of dogs) and when checking to 
see if everything is working right. I like to drive the Audi and that 
is it in a nutshell; I don't mind the maintenance because the way it 
drives is more important to me.

Subaru's need some maintenance also ($500-$2k per year after 120k).

On Jun 8, 2005, at 10:48 AM, 200q20v-request at wrote:

> How about Subaru?  A few Audi folks I
> know have happily made the switch to them... AWD with Japanese 
> reliability.
>  I bet there are a few of these around Flagstaff... maybe they are a
> reasonable alternative for you.

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