ac recharge port

Ben Gibby jordad at
Mon Jun 27 18:24:45 EDT 2005

Under the plastic at the base of the windshield is a switch for the low side 
of the ac system, you will have to find an adapter to change a shreader 
valve to a low side fitting. The fitting is on the verticle cylinder on the 
passenger side. There is a fitting on the compressor but I find it much 
easier to get to the fitting up top. You can recharge with a suicide hose if 
you are very careful to keep the can upright and DO NOT let liquid 
refridgerent into the system. The best way to do this without the ac guages 
is to run the ac at max and check the temp at the vents and when it stops 
going down, stop charging. The can will also help determine how much charge 
you need, when it stops getting really cold and you cant make it chill by 
shaking gently from side to side its full.
If the system is totally discharged you will need to pull a vacuum on the 
system to dry the dessicant in the drier out. Bentley advises to totally 
vacuum system, not top off but...  If your system still holds pressure and 
still cools a little you can top off just be careful not to over 
charge,BTDT,  As far as recommended products, if you are converted to 134a 
you can, for now, pick it up at Mal Wart or any parts store, if not, you 
will have to take it to a certified tech$$$$.
The vacuum pump and guages are nice to haves but not totally needed for DIY, 
I have them for work. If I have raised more questions than answered, let me 
know, maybe I can walk you through it.

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