ac recharge port

Henry A Harper III hah at
Mon Jun 27 19:41:06 EDT 2005

> any btdt on diy a/c recharge....service locations, recommended
> products etc...

Find the leak that is causing you to need to recharge, and fix it, then
recharge. :)

My compressor shaft seal was leaky and I (and a buddy with backyard shop,
gauges, vacuum venturi, etc.) fixed it with a seal kit (for our Nippondenso
10P17 compressor) from, they have other cool stuff too. I tried
a blended "drop in" non-R12 refrigerant and it leaked really fast through
the hoses (they aren't the required barrier type) so I bit the bullet and
refilled with R12. The blend (while cool at first) also killed the shaft
seal on my VW, which has now been fine for a while on a pretty cheap
(replace shaft seal & receiver/drier w/R134a compatible, then expansion
valve later) R134a/POE retrofit.

2 cool cars

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