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Thanks for all the inputs.  There are a lot of reasons why a/c doesn't
work......low refrigerant level is often one

My system was low as was measured by pressure at low pressure (LP) side
port and temperature.  System was converted to r134a about 3years ago,
and not charged since.  So.....i decided not to look for a leak and just
topped it off.  Product used was some canned stuff at chain auto parts
store.  Cost $20 and comes with a hose, pressure gauge, and quick
disconnect fitting to fit the LP port (can and hose are reusable).
Product claims to have seal conditioners etc. I added 355g which brought
the pressure to the recommended range.  System blows nice and chilly

I used the LP port at the compressor since; it is convenient, you can
verify the compressor is engaged, and I didn't have to remove Bernie
brace to access it.  If you go the full vacuum route or your system is
very low you may want to use the LP port by the evaporator (under the
hood like ben mentioned).  The low pressure switch is located there,
which needs to be jumpered to get the compressor running after full
evacuation. Also located by this port is the restrictor orifice which
some folks like to clean or check when the system is down.

This is very easy, took less than 2 minutes, requires no tools, and most
importantly, got me home from work comfortably (service was done in
parking lot @ lunch....very hot and humid)

Now archives have simple diy recharge.

David Schaible

JRS Pharma LP
2981 Rte 22
Patterson, NY 12563

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> any btdt on diy a/c recharge....service locations, recommended
> products etc...

Find the leak that is causing you to need to recharge, and fix it, then
recharge. :)

My compressor shaft seal was leaky and I (and a buddy with backyard
gauges, vacuum venturi, etc.) fixed it with a seal kit (for our
10P17 compressor) from, they have other cool stuff too. I
a blended "drop in" non-R12 refrigerant and it leaked really fast
the hoses (they aren't the required barrier type) so I bit the bullet
refilled with R12. The blend (while cool at first) also killed the shaft
seal on my VW, which has now been fine for a while on a pretty cheap
(replace shaft seal & receiver/drier w/R134a compatible, then expansion
valve later) R134a/POE retrofit.

2 cool cars

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