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Tue Jun 28 10:15:50 EDT 2005

Holiday for my 20v is now over.  She got to take a couple of weeks off
while I replaced the rear differential, you may remember my past post
about it not cooperating.  The problem was an odd one, I broke the diff
locking arm off inside the diff. so the actuator worked, and it looked
like the arm like was moving fine.......i could have removed the locking
mech and just left that diff in but I wanted a locker in the rear.
Fwiw....i drove the car for a considerable time with the diff locked,
yes, on the pavement.  I noticed no observable extra tire wear, only a
slight different feel cornering at speed.  This job was surprisingly
easy, but since these diffs are so robust, you won't ever do it, seals
are the only usual service.  I replaced the output shaft seals in the
used diff I installed since they were very cheap and easy to do while
the diff is on the bench vs. in the car.


While in there I brushed, sanded, and por 15'ed the gas tank.....the
northeast winters are tough on autos and the 20v serves as ski transport
whenever there is snow.  Looks like I got to it just in time, had one
small leak last winter I patched with epoxy, now the por 15 finish looks
bomber and should last as long as the rest of the car.  This is a
difficult job on an avant!!   but you can lower the tank enough w/o
removing it to clean up the leading edge of the tank where it is most
prone to leak, this is not hard and would be few hours very well spent
for any saltbelt lister.


Also replaced rear hard brake lines and ebrake cables.  Cables were
almost trashed, a lot of resistance......rear brake line that runs from
the pressure regulator to the passenger side caliper was very corroded,
and actually had started leaking....why I could not feel this is a
mystery but judging from the MC reservoir very little had leaked.
Inspection of this line would be 2 minutes very well spent for saltbelt
listers, both of the lines required torching (like every other fricking
nut/bolt) for removal.  Seeing this was very scary, as I usually only
look at the hard lines once a year and last time did not flag this line
as a potential replacement item.  


I also liberally applied por 15 to anything metal (that doesn't get too
hot) under the vehicle and although it will go unnoticed to most, it
looks great and should help protect.


In a time where these autos are often bought and sold as donor cars for
3b transplant projects, I myself, look forward to another 260k of happy
and exhilarating s4 avant or allroad can even tempt
me.......well maybe a little, I did test a new allroad with the 4.2l
....not bad, but not a 20v






David Schaible





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