Tools for A/C work

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Tue Jun 28 18:06:41 EDT 2005

 I use an old refrigerator compressor as a vacuum pump for system pump down,
cheap!  I'm not sure that you need gauges either, after pumping it down if
necessary, just add refrigerant until the evaporator return line is cool.
If it frosts up, you've added too much.


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> Subject: Tools for A/C work
> Local pricing on R-12 refills is about $250.  R-134A conversions run in
> that same price range.  I'd like to try the alternative R-12 stuff like
> enviro-safe-12   ( ).  I presume I
> need a vacuum pump to get rid of moisture.  I have plenty of air compressor
> capability and was looking at the cheap air/vacuum pumps.  And I presume I
> need a gauge set too.   Do I need anything else to do this job right?    My
> 200q20v needs recharging, I believe.  I think I need the gauges to check
> that the R12 has disappeared???    My two V8s also have old R12 systems.
> They work well now, but so has the 200 in the past.
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