What a difference $23 makes

Ben Gibby jordad at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 19:22:57 EDT 2005

I set out to find a leak on the front of the engine, what I found was more 
performance and better driveability. I thought the front seal was nicked 
when I did the T belt a few months ago so I pulled the bumper and all that 
to get to the seal. When I got there, no leak. The leak was coming from the 
missing bolt in the oil pump, the one that the little monkey motion pivot to 
move the alternator rides on. While sitting there contemplating, I reached 
over and grabbed the hose on the turbo, loose as a goose. Started checking 
the rest showed they were all loose. Pulled all the hoses on the boost side 
and replaced all the clamps, for $23. I gained .2 bar and it is now alot 
easier to get the car moving from a stop.
Put a bolt from the parts car in and stopped the leak in its tracks.

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