Powersteering hoses

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Jun 29 11:45:40 EDT 2005

Sounds pretty good.  I assume they re-used your ends, or did they provide
new.  Local hose specialist here "Colliflower" has done this for me several
times, AC too.  The cost of the Parker fittings is more than the labor
usually.  With new fittings the hoses can run upwards of $100, but usually I
get one around half that.  Sometimes you need to mix and match because the
older VAG stuff is not commonly used.


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At 11:32 PM +0000 6/28/05, Ben Gibby wrote:
>I am curious to know what others have paid for thier hose repairs,
>is $35 reasonable?

OK, quit trying to rub it in. ;-)


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