Strut Tower Brace Design Revisited: "Speek"

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Tue Mar 1 10:17:23 EST 2005

Bernie Claims:
"You of course have free choice to embrace my strut brace design or not.  If 
not and you wish to actively speek out,  you should have a constructive 
alternative that you can technically justify or, as you have done, show a preference 
for pot shot negatives in support of a do nothing posture."

While bickering doesn't help the list, I DID mention an alternative (Audi 
Strut Tower brace) and I did actually say if I used your design I'd go solid bar 
ala George. Your design with a constructive "modification."  I suppose 
painting the EMT would be unnecessary to you

Bernie says:
"George S. has implemented my design incorporating his (IMO ill conceived) 
"enhancements", and has acheived the intended improvement of my design, thus I 
am pleased that he apparently is a happy camper."

Bernie says George modified his design: "incorporating his (IMO ill 
conceived) "enhancements".  Bernie further claims: "My only point in continueing this 
thread was to point out to other perspective followers that his design 
enhancements were unnecessary and contribute nothing to the intended and achieved 
strut brace performance."
How dare we "improve" your design.  

Bernie says THERE IS compression (I say tension) on the bar:
"George,The Benz Brace will add a small amount of negative camber because it 
forces added compression/distortion of the upper strut bushing.  Was enough 
for meto reach zero camber.  If you need more, check out the camber plate mods 
documented on the S-cars archives. Bernie >>>FROM<<<

Kirby saw a "need" for a thicker bar:
Someone else wanted a thick wall & threads;
"In talking with my machinist, we're going to fabricate a few LH and RH> 
threaded tubes, with a thicker wall diameter, to correspond with LH & RH> rod 
ends/jam nuts."

Jim used titanium and Bernie blasted him too.
Subject: strut brace>>> "bernie,  just wanted to let you know that i 
installed your strut brace> today and it is going for an alignment this week.  i used 
titanium> tubing instead of emt and it went in great.  thanks for the 
pioneering> work on this...>"
Bernie replies.......Another case of overkill!  George Siedman used a solid 
bar such that it could be used in both compression and tension.  Apparently, he 
just couldn't see/understand that a major benefit comes from deflecting the 
nonlinear rubber top mount into an area of higher spring rate, where the brace 
is always in compression.  Or, he just wanted the extra weight. <snipped>
Thanks for the feedback, Bernie."

Clearly your not a fan of overdesign and safety factors of X.
No hey; I think the EMT will suffice but do as you see fit?

Your free advice isn't free: its cost is your abuse, dare we comment on you 
all high and mighty.  
Bernie not a fan of chest pounding here:
"Jeff, I am effectively put down by your chest pounding insinuations"

Why not accept our criteques as a refined and more polished product?
That MIGHT be beneficial to all.  Something I see the list useful for.
-Scott by BOSTON

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