Brake Booser or Servo Issues??

Grant Dion g_dion at
Thu Mar 3 19:54:16 EST 2005


I will try and keep this brief. I just had my mechanic friend replace the
Brake servo, located between the master cylinder and the firewall. (It was
leaking bad) It is not leaking anymore, however my brakes now SUCK! When I
push in the pedal, it pulses badly, and I hear a little chirping type noise.
A couple of times, the pedal got hard while still driving, then went soft.
This is quite disconcerting! After I turn off the car, the pedal is rock
hard instantly. I know this indicates that the BOMB is dead. My question is
this. Did my bomb die, or is this a symptom of a bad servo? I got the servo
used for 90 bucks, versus over $500.00 for a new unit. (I just happen to
have a used Bomb on hand,that I did not install a year ago when the brake
light flashed a few times) My mechanic friend is out of town for a few
weeks, and I would like to get this car road worthy ASAP.

If I need to replace the bomb, does anybody have a procedure written up. I
have only seen the reference to depressurizing the bomb by pushing the brake
a bunch of times. I have no idea what else might be involved, but it looks
easy enough to get the old unit out.

Thanks for your help! 

Grant in Colorado Springs

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