Groaning question Steering, Front Wheels, Brake pedal engage high

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Thu Mar 3 22:41:32 EST 2005

Guesses from experience.
The Avant groaned on turns until I checked the lug nuts, two loose, groan 
The Sedan has the brake pedal engage high in hot weather as the MC applies 
pressure to the brakes.
So what's you temperature when this happens?
You PS fluid low?
Front Brakes dragging?
Wheel lugs loose?
Wheel bearing going bad?
Just some ideas............. -SCott by BOSTON

> From: "motogo1" <>
> Lets see if anybody has had this happen. Occasionaly on my 200, with 150k
> miles on it, I hear a groaning sound while turning the steering wheel. More
> recently and consistently, after driving the car about 2 hours,  I start
> hearing this groaning in the steering and also the brake pedal engages
> (starts braking) higher in it's stroke, like almost near the top. Still
> brakes okay. Any advice? Maybe hydraulic pump problem?
> Gary Martin
> 94 UrS4

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