Improving fuel economy for the 1991 200q 20v

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Fri Mar 4 12:09:52 EST 2005

Don't forget alignment and very important , I imagine, tire pressure.  Plus 
bigger heavier wheels will require mor epower to keep them rolling, so al 
things equal I think the stock wheels should allow better mileage than 
heavier 17's...

Whos' for 175/70/15 pumped up to 60 psi?!

'84 urq 20V - smileage not mileage
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Subject: Improving fuel economy for the 1991 200q 20v

> Occasionally we have threads on this list asking about what fuel economy
> people achieve with these 1991 200q 20v cars. The standard  answers are
> usually 16-21 mpg around town and 25-30+ mpg highway.  I am curious about
> possible causes for lower than expected mileage for the 1991 200q 20v 
> cars.
> Conversely, I am thinking about what changes could be made to improve fuel
> economy. It seems many things are controlled by the ecu, but there are
> still many things that could affect fuel economy.  I have read about 
> enough
> variation in results on this list to make me curious about whether 
> everyone
> could be getting 30+ mpg for highway driving. For the record, I see 16-21
> around town (depends mostly on my right foot) and 25-28 highway.
> Any ideas?
> Some factors I can list, in no particular order:
> tire type (snows, all season, touring, summer performance, etc)
> tire/wheel diameter
> tire/wheel width
> tire/wheel weight
> gasoline composition (alcohol content, etc.)
> gasoline octane
> chip programming (not all aftermarket chips are the same)
> spark plug condition
> spark plug wire condition
> multi-function temp sensor condition
> block temp sensor condition
> coolant operating temperature
> oil operating temperature
> engine oil type
> engine oil weight
> engine oil amount
> transmission oil type
> transmission oil weight
> transmission oil amount
> cat converter flow
> exhaust sytem flow
> exhaust manifold (stock, RS2, header, etc.)
> O2 sensor condition
> terrain (flat, e.g. NW Ohio, or rolling or mountainous)
> elevation
> roof rack or no roof rack
> suspension ride height
> intercooler effectiveness
> fuel pressures
> turbo type
> intake tract flow/restrictions
> shift points
> weight of driver's right foot
> So, what can you add to the list?
> What should be dropped?
> Once we have a good list we can prioritize by ranking from most
> likely/important to least likely/important.
> I am thinking about doing some experimentation, but I want to identify the
> best factors I can manipulate and/or test across. Yes, this is the type of
> thing I do in my "spare" time.
> TIA,
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