Running Rich (LONG)

gary at gary at
Fri Mar 4 16:16:48 EST 2005

This is my commute to school:

15 minutes on the highway going average 75 (my speedo is off by 5, so it
shows 80...) and 15 minutes in the city.  I cant get more than 300 miles
off a tank, which is 17.5 mpg.

However this is on 89 gas, since 93 makes absolutely no improvement.  I
think the car is still running rich, might be the air flow meter, I really
dont know.  I have been wanting to install a voltmeter or AF guage on the
oxygen sensor, or get a wideband one to see what is going on.

The only thing is there is nothing you can do if you see that the car is
running rich, so I'd rather just turn a blind eye..

Anyone experience better gas mileage with a chip, i have been
contemplating one for a long time but cannot force myself to spend over
$500 for performace items on a car with 260,000 miles.  I also think the
turbo will blow up ;) if i run 16 psi (any of the chips basically).

The only thing that really helped me was a brand new exhaust.  I have two
magnaflow CATS and 2 x 2.5 inch stainless steel going all the way back to
two magnaflow mufflers, it sounds very nice and got rid of the awful smell
(original cats, original exhaust, oh man that smelled).

Emmisions are now very good, the exhaust is very clean, (put snow up to
the pipe, it didnt even get black like before).

Thats it,

BTW, any tips on changing engine mounts, thats comin up in 1 week...


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