rebuilt alternator

PyRo pyro_10314 at
Sat Mar 5 23:07:45 EST 2005

ok..the alternator is in..its a good thing my bolts
were all rusted to or else it might have come out a
little easier. i'm gonna put the cover on tomorow.
thank you. i bought the car about a month ago and
everything started breaking down on it so i'm gonna be
on this alot. i figure i might as well learn how to do
it myself then spend more than what i paid for the
car. next up is the throwout bearing then the power
steering hoses and then trying to get the instrument
panel to function properly.
--- Kneale Brownson <knotnook at> wrote:

> That's a cooling vent for the alternator.  Probably
> helps keep the
> alternator from overheating.  It's a PITA to
> replace, but I'd think  it
> would be worthwhile effort.
> At 11:34 AM 3/5/2005 -0800, PyRo wrote:
> >ok thanks, im about to put it back in now. One more
> >question, when i took the alternator out it had a
> >plastic cover with a snorkel leading to the front (
> >possibly for the hot air to leave the alternator or
> >for cool air to reach it) do i need to put this
> piece
> >back on?


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