instrument panel?

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Tue Mar 8 11:52:14 EST 2005

When the flasher indicators come on with the lights, that's a known IC problem.

I have just de-stereofied and de-alarmified two cars.  Unbelievable
people will do to your car when you let them.  It's kinda fun to take
all that crap out actually.  Kinda like an archeological dig.  And it
feels like I'm really cleaning things up.  At least you get to see
areas that have been disturbed by monkey lads in the past.

So how much fuel are you pumping in when you get gas every 150 miles?


On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 11:32:11 -0500 (EST), gary at
<gary at> wrote:
> Sounds like a nightmare to me...
> That could be the interior temperature sensor you are talking about on the
> inside.  If you are refuiling every 150 miles, you have some serious
> problems, thats 9 miles per gallon...
> I had different problems with the instrument panel.  The first thing I
> would recommend doing is taking it apart totally, cleaning with
> alcohol/compressed air, taking all the connectors in and out, that helps a
> lot...
> You are very lucky that your heated seats work hehe...
> -Gary
> > i'll turn the headlights on and the flasher indicators
> > will come on but not blink( not outside the car but
> > they will appear on the instrument panel along with
> > the highbeam indicator)and the fuel gauge doesnt work.
> > i figured out that i should refuel every 150 miles.
> > and also theres some relay thats bugging out. i think
> > its either coming from the heated seat or if i push
> > the differential switch it has a slight effect on it.
> > either way the car is an electrical nightmare. the
> > previous owner had a new stereo system along with a
> > radar detector installed and there are wires running
> > everywhere some arent even connected. when its warmer
> > out im gonna try to trace them all out. by the way do
> > all the 200's come with some sort of microphone on the
> > drivers side molding by the top of the windshield? im
> > curious to know what its there for.

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