What has 13 cylinders...

Andy Schor walbum at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 8 16:56:27 EST 2005

...52 valves, 10 forward speeds and 430,000 miles?
(and 8 rings of terror!)

My brother bought a '91 V8 5 speed last year, it is a great car but wasn't working out so well for him.  He lives in a rural area in Georgia and couldn't find a local mechanic who is comfortable working on it.  After *some* negotiations, he and I finally agreed to trade vehicles.  I drove the (Ford powered) Volvo coupe south through the mountains of West Virginia and met him somewhere in Virginia.  We had lunch (BBQ), traded cars and headed off.  Each car has its own characteristics, the power band in the 5.0 V8 is immediate although it runs out of breath around 5000 rpm.  The Audi V8 seems to wake up around 4000 rpm and has power all the way to redline.  The Audi has a Stebro exhaust system and a chip from Audi Connection, the Volvo/Ford has numerous mods but should be easier to work on.

My '91 Avant which was recently 'kissed' by a Peterbilt truck, has been repaired and is now in the shop for a timing belt change and 300,000 mile check up.

Andy Schor
Pittsburgh, PA
'91 V8qM
'91 Avant
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