FWIW: Wheel refinishing

gschesel gschesel at comcast.net
Wed Mar 9 17:21:31 EST 2005

If anyone was wondering about the possibility and cost of getting wheels
refinished....  I just had a set of 200 20v BBS wheels (15 x 7.5)
refinished at a cost of $179 each by this company below.  


Rather pricey, although the workmanship was excellent and they now look like
new.  They have many locations nationwide, including two locations within 20
miles of me in the Twin Cities.  I had learned of just one other refinisher
locally, that was cheaper, but who also had complaints about the quality and
durability of the new clear coat finish.  

I got this extra set of BBS wheels from Chris Miller last summer.  All four
were pitted along the milled lip area.  I'm now going to put summer tires on
these and put them on the Avant.  I have Hakka all-weather tires on the
Avant currently, but I don't like the ride; I feel every crack and pavement

'91 200 20v TQ Avant, 103k miles, pearl & platinum (now with 2 sets of BBS
'91 100 Quattro, 205k miles, bamboo

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