Replacing Front Pads UFO's

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Wed Mar 9 17:50:59 EST 2005

Thanks Bernie for the posts...again very helpful
Brake kit from Blau PO purchased included new rotors & pads ($700 - ouch) - did not mean to say calipers, sorry for the confusion.
System has not been bled since...will disassemble and clean then fluid flush.
Got a half shaft that's been remaf. w/new boot for $50-.  Going to just swap the drivers side half shaft that has a split cv boot (noticed it when I did the engine mounts two weekends ago).  Later I'll get the $12-$18 cv boot kit and replace the passangers side if/when it splits by using the half I take out.
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I'll fwd my past posts, Wheel Bearing Postmortem, and In situ replacement of front outer CV boots, FYI.

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Don't have the Bentley's yet (soon) been relying on info. off the lists.  So far so good (since April of '04' did plugs, alternator, crank vent. hose, mfts, engine and trans. mounts-I owe some people photos from that job and will get them out very soon, now front brakes & cv boot).    You all have saved me a ton of money and am extremely grateful.

PO purchased new front brake kit from blau at 115k (have receipts - let me know if I shouldn't assume though).

Brake kit meaning what, new calipers?  If the system hasn't been bled since, they need disassembling and cleaning.

Thanks for the heads up on the bearings, any suggestions on what's best to use to re-pack/lube them or should I just replace?  Have been getting some of my parts recently from parts connection. 
Maybe I will skip the half shaft for another day-

What's wrong with the half shaft?  DFI if IAB!


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