Correct Battery for 200 20v

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Fri Mar 11 03:06:31 EST 2005

I tried one or two Interstate batteries 3-4  years back when I last 
replaced my battery and I do NOT recommend them.  Not because their 
quality is poor, per se, but because their vent hole is in the middle 
of the rear side instead of in the end of the left side.  Attaching 
to this vent hole is not possible because the battery holding bracket 
is in the way.  The hole in the Interstate battery was also oval, not 
round, so I couldn't get a 90' adapter into it to adapt from the hole 
in the battery to the vent tube.  (The OEM battery has a round nipple 
built-in to the end of the battery, to attache the vent hose directly.)  

I took the Interstate back and got an Exide from Kragan instead.  
It's vent hole is in the correct end and was round so I was able 
to use a 90' plastic fitting to adapt from that hole to the vent 

One note of caution (that I posted about then): while the rear seat 
bottom is off, test to see if the vent tube is unobstructed (just 
blow into it - but don't use you lips directly unless you want a 
case of hot lips.)  Mine was pinched where a couple of tabs secured 
it to the undercarriage high over the rear axle.  To clear it I had 
to use a flashlight and loooong (~20") screwdriver at an odd angle 
(from near the tire, I think) to bend those tabs open a little so 
they didn't pinch the tube any longer.  I did with the car on a 
lift so the wheels were sagging down to allow for the screwdriver 
handle to fit between the tire and the wheel well liner.  

Good luck, 

Ukiah, CA 


Correct Battery for 200 20v
Abe Berman yellowcuda at 
Thu Mar 10 14:40:07 EST 2005 


I searched the archives but didn't see a definitive answer.  My
battery is just about shot (forget cranking, it didn't even have the
juice for the power locks or radio this zero degree morning) and I
would like to replace it with an interstate (existing one is an
energizer installed by PO).  The interstate website lists the MTP-91,
anybody have a BTDT?  What are you folks running?

I will be checking for drains on the system and/or notorious type 44
splice once I get a new battery in there.

Abe in Burlington

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