Correct Battery for 200 20v

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Fri Mar 11 19:38:49 EST 2005

PyRo <pyro_10314 at> wrote:
 > Are there certain types of batteries that dont need
 > the vent hose hooked up or do they all need it?

Gel batteries (Optima is one brand) don't need venting.
You can run them upside down.

 > or if it starts to get hot should i tell everyone i
 > have rear heated seats also.

Even if it's vented, if the seat gets real hot and starts
smoking, you're probably missing the red plastic cover
that protects the positive post from contacting the wire
frame of the seat bottom.  When that happens, it shorts
out, heats up, and burns the foam.  If you catch it in
time, you won't lose the car. And the smell goes away
in a few days. AMHIK :)

Kent McLean
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