Correct Battery for 200 20v

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Fri Mar 11 22:40:09 EST 2005

Sounds like you purchased a sealed maintenance-free battery.  
I've changed back to vented from sealed after rusting out the 
battery tray on my '86 4000Q years ago when I used allegedly 
sealed batteries. 

If you want to check if yours leaks, spray a light baking-soda 
solution on the battery and the metal around it.  If it bubbles, 
acid is leaking, so fix that before your seat cushion, etc. is 


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i just replaced the battery in my car. I've also just
spent the past hour or so looking at the archives and
realized that there is a alot of information there. 
THe question i have is, the battery that i took out
did not have a hose for venting so i did not bother to
look when i put my new battery in. Are there certain
types of batteries that dont need the vent hose hooked
up or do they all need it? or if it starts to get hot
should i tell everyone i have rear heated seats also. 

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