Intake Air Sensor

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Mon Mar 21 15:06:40 EST 2005


I finally fixed this on my car after having the code for a while.  SJM has a 
troubleshooting guide on the specific topic at his site.  Basically a graph 
with temp. on one axis and resistance on the other.  Been my experience that 
the connection problems can be intermitent, so can get the fault and it will 
still troubleshoot fine.  Check it cold and see what the ambient temp is 
from the climate control.

Turns out my problem was a bad connection at the sensor.  Even though I was 
never able to pull them from the connection in the past...that was the 
problem.  For some reason they finally just came completely free.  I wound 
up buying the new gold plated connectors with associated wiring from the 
dealership, soldering these to the existing wiring, and just plugging the 
connectors onto the sensor.  I'm sure other solutions exist, can just be 
tough to resolder the original connectors back to the sensor (at least for 
me) given the metal to metal contact.  Maybe drill a small hole on the 
sensor, strip the wire, and solder away?


Derek P

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Hey guys,

looks like my car is throwing the code for the intake air sensor.

Is there a common fix for this, or do I really need to spend $120 to  
the part.


-- Tom

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