'91 200 20V Intermittent Start Problem

Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
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Your "dies immediately" comment is what interests me.

Once the engine is running the distributor is out of the picture and not an
issue.  Rule Out distributor.

Ask the Question:
Once running what would cause it to quit?
     No fuel or No Spark

Your comment "Turn key again, cranks fine, starts after about 2 cycles."
     Since it starts again quite quickly
     one would assume the fuel has not stopped.
     So electrical seems to be what is left.

I suspect the ignition switch.
     Intermittent contact when starting
     Intermittent contact when releasing the key

Further testing would show answers, but unless there I cannot continue.
I hope this gives you something to think about.

Ned Ritchie

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Car Particulars: Currently at 91K miles, was chipped with Stage III+ at 80K
miles - with Samco and all new coolant and breather type hoses.  Pulled
codes before and after chip - none present.  Here are symptoms:
Prior experience:  Started after ignition key turn and 2 cycles max.  
Now - Sometimes: Turn ignition key, cranks fine, "starts" after 2 cycles,
release key, then dies immediately.  Turn key again, cranks fine, starts
after about 2 cycles.
Now - Rest of Time: Turn ignition key, cranks fine, won't start even after
about 12 cycles.  Release key, turn it again, cranks fine, starts after
about 2 cycles.   
Have checked battery and charging system - all SAT.  Have replaced the
distro cap and rotor (yes, narrow one).  Any suggestions on what should be
Mike in Kansas City
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