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I think you have this reversed.  Out the head into the radiator and out the
bottom of the radiator into the block IIRC.

This changes a bit wrt turbo as things are reversed when the coolant
afterrun pump is switched on (assuming you kept it in the loop).


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stupid questions here-
so the water flows up the radiator, right.  Then out the top into the upper
rad hose and into the manifold.

If this is wrong, stop me right here...

And if the water temp gauge gets its signal from the MFTS, which is in the
water manifold, how is this an accurate reading on head temp?  Isn't it more
likely a reading of the water temp after going through the rad and before
the head?.  Or does the manifold absorb enough heat from the head so that it
is s a good reflection of head temp.....?


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