back, and dyno results

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun May 1 16:58:55 EDT 2005

I kept forgetting to turn back on delivery of 200q20v mail after I  
was disabled for bounces (hah)...sorry for being out to lunch, everyone.

Yesterday, a shop down in Rhode Island was offering decently priced  
(or so it seemed) dyno runs to Audi people, so Mark Chang and I  
headed down to check things out, get some cool photos, etc.  Mission  

Also, ran the car on the dyno.  Interesting results- 208whp on the  
first run, dropping to an even 200 on the second run.  Third run, we  
cheated and spritzed some water from a little sprayer bottle on the  
intercooler ("Hey, that's cheating!"  "It's 13 years old, I'm allowed  
to spray a little water on it.")  That yielded a peak of 214whp  
(30whp better than the most powerful A4, but hopelessly outclassed by  
the S4's), and it was both very humid and cool.  I am giving renewed  
thought to an IC spray...


Mark's car is the Santorini S4- the Nogaro S4 was a guy from  
Manhattan with specially modified K04 turbos and other various bits.   
The S6 belonged to a guy who bought it a few months ago.  It came  
with a TAP chip and modified wastegate; it carries HP+torque better  
past redline, but low-end torque+hp is absolutely abominable on the  
TAP chip.  I have a photo of the S6+tap chart, and I'll scan my  
charts later.  I paid a few extra dollars for air/fuel ratio out of  
curiosity; given the way it was measured, I don't think it means  
much, but..

Ever since I reinstalled a missing exhaust hanger up front, I've had  
a loud exhaust leak in warm weather, and on the dyno, the 5-cylinder  
noise was fantastic.  Much better than those silly V6's :-)

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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