Accelerator Cable or Throttle Body?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed May 4 00:24:41 EDT 2005

At 11:15 PM -0500 5/3/05, Brice Warnick wrote:
>       Thanks for your reply.
>The $56.00 accelerator cable has not arrived yet. I re-looked at the
>setup in sunlight and that cable looks like it is part of that broken
>square black plastic piece.

It may look that way, but it's not part of the cable.

>But you are probably right.

Hah! Thanks for that great vote of confidence.

>When I get the cable I will have them send it back.
>The throttle body is 034 133 063DP.            Clair Audi quoted me
>$1,200. My local VW dealer quoted me $306.00.
>I told my local dealer to go ahead and order it at that price.

I could say something, about "fat wallet", but that would be wrong!

>The bad news is that there are none to be had anywhere including

Well, the good news is that maybe that'll save you from yourself. ;-)


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