91 200q20v, c-arm bushing replacement

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A more civil approach would have been to ask for a clarification from the 
original requester....
-so much for civility.

And try to answer Bob's questions:
You mention control arm bushing - follow Ingo's advice:
- just make sure that you get a _quality_ control arm
- there seems to be an increase of Chinese made parts working their way 
into the oem-aftermarket supply chain.

Ask for Moog, TRW, Lemfoerder, ACAP, etc-
Although I don't recommend the ACAP rear upper links ( tie rods) from my 
personal experience.

Chris Miller has some good info: 

And let it be noted that Bentley points to worn inner control arm bushings 
as contributor to customer complaints about "UFO" brake shimmy.


I'll just make sure that I At 12:11 AM 5/7/2005, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Just tends to show how an inconcise Q post misleads.  I assumed that he was
>talking of the sway bar end bushings, but it deserved no response until
> > From: "Ingo Rautenberg" <irautenberg at comcast.net>
> >
> > Bob,
> >
> > Not exactly sure what you're saying.  In any case, if you are plnning on
> > replacing the inner control arm bushing, you might find it easier and more
> > worthwhile to replace the whole control arm --as it comes with the bushing
> > already installed-- plus the ball joint, which can not be purchased
> > separately and which is likely on its way out.  You can buy the complete
> > control arm for ~$100-150 from most parts places (but make sure you get the
> > one with the 19mm balljoint).  As to the sway bar bushing -- if you 
> mean the
> > inner ones in front of the motor --  IME, this is a dealer-only part.
> >
> > Ingo
> >
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> >> I'm planning on replacing my front c-arm bushing. I was wondering if you
> >> folks had any tips/advice. Is there an aftermarket sway bar bushing
> > available or
> >> should I stick to OE?
> >> Thank you!    Bob
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