91 200q20v c-arm bushing replacement

Ben Gibby jordad at hotmail.com
Sat May 7 22:20:53 EDT 2005

Ingo, If you do a little leg work you can find the inner sway bar bushing on 
the aftermarket. The bushings are not too different from what the American 
car co.s use. They may need a little modification but will fit and can be 
had in urethane for less complience. Bob, the arms can be rebuilt but most 
people don't have access to a press to put the new bushings and ball joints 
in. I am a mechanic for a living so I can get away with alittle more DIY 
stuff than most but for most people it is easier and faster to go to a parts 
supplier for those sorts of things. Hope this little bit helps.

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