PS PUmp rebuild?

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Mon May 9 06:31:03 EDT 2005


Definitely all the o-rings under the "X" caps. and the main large
o-ring inside just below the pressure relief valve. I have yet to
see the main shaft seal go, but if you have it in your kit, and access
to a good puller and a press,  you might as well change that one too.

The biggest problem I found was to open some of those caps
with the 'X' on them. Lubricate the o-rings so they don't
"squirrel" when you tighten up the caps again.


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> HI guys, I have been nursing a small leak in my PS pump for about 20k with
> Lucas stop leak.  The leak is from underneath the pump, not the hoses or
> seal.  I have an O-ring/seal kit from Blau and two cans of Green Gold, but
> instructions.
> I somewhat remember ancient posts on leaky O-rings from under the caps of
> pump.  One of them appears to be the leak (which is now massive).  So I
> on doing this tomorrow.  Any one care to walk me through it?  Do I need to
> a full pump rebuild or just the O-rings under the caps?
> Thanks,
> Pete 91 Avant
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