More Code 2111

Dan Cordon cord4530 at
Thu May 12 05:17:23 EDT 2005

Just to update everyone on the progress:

History - have been getting intermittent check engine light (2111 code) 
that's gotten progressively more frequent over the last several months.

-I checked for missing teeth on the flywheel, and they all seem to be 
-I checked for the timing pin, and it's still there and straight.
-I checked for electrical interference from the high-tension coil lead, 
and it's not in the vicinity of the wiring.

The 20v training manual mentions that the ref sensor has a substitute 
function, and will continue to run if the sensor goes bad. Does the 
engine speed sensor have any substitute function? I pulled the 
connectors at the firewall while the vehicle was running, and if either 
connector was unplugged, the engine died immediately. Is this normal 

I should check the two sensor signals with an o-scope where they meet 
the ECU. Perhaps this will tell me more. Though, I'm sure open to other 
suggestions as well.

Side note: Car doesn't seem down on power (and still makes full boost) 
when the check engine light comes on. Also, just after a full throttle 
stint, the check engine light usually goes off for a while (10-50 seconds).

Thanks for any recommendations/ideas!

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
University of Idaho

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