Mike Miller mikemilr at
Thu May 12 19:49:40 EDT 2005

Driving home tonight I downshift from 5th to 3rd for a quick pass on the two
lane at about 55mph - get past the other vehicle, go to grab 5th and major
grind. 25 miles to home so I play around a bit and it seems to me the clutch
isn't fully disengaging. Any ideas would be helpful. Vehicle seems to drive
fine going down the road and not having to shift.

Can't shift into any gear (up or down) without matching engine rpm to speed
in gear.
Can push clutch in while driving and rpms fall (tad slower than normal I
think); rev'ing engine seems to slow speed decline, but not very much.
Sitting at dead stop in 1st with clutch in, rev engine and car wants to move
Can't get car into gear from dead stop, in neutral with clutch in. (
although, I did get it from 1st to reverse once while stopped and idling.)


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