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Fri May 13 00:34:43 EDT 2005

Mike, I have been through this scenario twice.  First question is how many 
miles on your clutch?  Second have you been changing brake fluid and bleeding 
the clutch slave every couple of years?

My experiences.
    1.  On my old 5000, two of the pressure plate fingers broke and caused 
that problem.

    2.  On my 200, the Throw out bearing went out at 175k, did the clutch 
job, clutch was almost down to the rivets and bled the slave cylinder.  At 178k 
all of a sudden my clutch wouldn't disengage completely.  Grinding to get 
reverse, a klunk going into 1st and 2nd, less noticeable in higher gears.  Bled 
about 2 pints through the slave, no improvement, installed new master and slave, 
and checked the rubber line between them for swelling under pressure, no 
improvement.  Adjusted the peddle free travel to as close to the top as I dared, 
some improvement.  About 1k later the problem fixed its self all at once as fast 
as it occurred.  My belief is that I didn't get all the air out when bleeding 
and it finally burped itself.  It has been fine since than at 186k.  You can 
check the archives from last October or November for a lot of feed back on 
this problem.

Good Luck
91 Avant 

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