PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Fri May 13 10:16:44 EDT 2005

Thats a long life for a clutch, what I did was buy a clutch kit from Blau, 
and got a local vender to install it for around $800.  I also replaced the 
steering rack (mine had a small leak and it is very easy to do with the tranny out) 
Also had the flywheel resurfaced.  You can save about $500-600 this route, 
however if you have a warrantee problem you will have two venders to deal with 
and will probably not get much out of it.  Most shops want to do both parts and 
labor so you will get a job warrantee without issues.  Sometimes a good way 
to go if you have the bucks and have a relationship with a good shop.

To do it yourself, is a big job, however if you have the time and skills and 
a good buddy to help, it is doable.  You will also need an alignment when its 

Good luck

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