Violent Cutoff (I mean really violent) Update

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Sun May 15 22:36:48 EDT 2005

You show the same amount of boost as mine always has had.  Mine is chipped, I 
can feel the extra boost but the gauge still reads the same (thats expected). 
 I have tinkered with a bunch of stuff trying to see a steady 1.7 or 8 but to 
no avail.  I have pressure tested the boost hoses to 20 PSI with the plumbing 
cap with the valve stem method.  I get a little leak around the oil fill cap 
and it eventually shoot out the dip stick like a torpedo.  I have also 
replaced the WGFV and TBV with no change.  Everything else read normal with no codes. 
 The only thing that I haven't done is use a manual gauge to verify accuracy.

So I have basically given up.

Good Luck
91 Avant  

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