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Emy emanuel11 at
Mon May 16 13:58:24 EDT 2005

$183 for both hoses is a good price. if you buy them
seperately, they cost (ECS Tuning) $99.95 for the MM
hose and $189.95 for the lower turbo to IC hose. 

personally, the MM hose (accordian style) is a bit
restrictive b/c of its accordian style that it is. i
was thinking of replacing my samco hose with a
straight hose for the MM hose. is there a special
reason its accordian style?

i'm going to also try to go with all aluminum hoses.
building an aluminum MM and Turbo-IC hose comes out
cheaper then buying samco. also when i want to modify
further, i have peace of mind. don't get me wrong, the
samco hoses are tough, i just want the best. samco
hoses i've heard bulge after 25psi. 
--- Dan Cordon <cord4530 at> wrote:
> My accordion hose just got a tiny leak I'm debating
> between getting a 
> Samco set, or just replacing the hose with a new
> stock one. Engine/ECU 
> are both stock.
> Do you have to use different clamps for the Samco
> hoses? I saw 
> has the TCS147 set (2
> hoses for our cars) for 
> $183. Is this a decent price, or are there other
> places I should check out?
> Any idea what the stock hose sells for? I thought
> most people were going 
> Samco once their original blew, so I'm guessing the
> Audi part is about 
> as much as the Samco. Thanks for any recommendations
> you can give!
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> Dan Cordon
> Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
> University of Idaho
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