Strut bearing plate Camber Adjustment H&R Tripple "C"

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Mon May 16 23:15:03 EDT 2005

Here's an interesting gizmo (although no listed 200 application)
In the H&R spring fitment catalog and on their website H&R has tripple C 
Camber adjustment bolts $35, its a cam set up where the camber can be 
adjusted.......assuming the need being addressed when lowering the car via H&R lower 

The Audi fitments they list are B4 chassis and 80/90 Typ 89 1991 and up.

Would the strut assembly of the 200 be able to be modified easily to 
incorporate these tripple C bolts to address Camber in lowered 200's?

under "tuning" assessories.
-Scott by BOSTON

> Has any one here tried redrilling the bearing plates per Igor Kissel's
> > drawing for the Urs 6 plates to give more adjustment for the camber?
> Igor's plate mod accomplishes no more than does the easy outward slotting of
> the plate's 3 mounting holes in the top if the strut tower, BTDT.  The
> limiting factor with either of these mods is that it will only allow an
> additional strut rod movement of about 0.2" before the upper spring perch
> hits the inner wall of the tower.  Good for only <0.5 degree of + camber.
> > Does  any one have a picture of the strut bearing plate (from a 200tq)?
> > Better yet does someone that has done the 2B camber plates have a couple
> > of bearing plates they would like to get out of their garage
> Don't bother, just slot the towers, a cheap mod.

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