Nissens All Metal Radiator is Crap

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Tue May 17 18:51:58 EDT 2005

I also put in a Nissen radiator. The paint peeled off the top in a very 
short time and I also had the challenge of
the lower mount captive inserts needing to be tapped out as the threads  
were very poor.
Problem being I did not have a bottom out tap, so I could only do a 
couple of threads in each mount or poke a hole in the new radiator
Well Brice I will be watching mine closely since you are some having 
some joy with yours.
I would probably not buy the metal radiator again.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

Brice Warnick wrote:

>My last job this weekend was to find a coolant leak.
>I pulled the plastic cowling under the radiator to discover that my less
>than 2 year old Nissens all metal radiator was leaking.
>What a piece of crap!
>The captive bottom insert on it broke and the mount just spinned on one
>insert.  To some this happened on most all the inserts.
>The black paint flaked off almost immediately.
>I got the OEM AKG ordered today from Rod at TPC.
>Its not a bad leak as I can drive about 3 days without adding any
>coolant.  Everything in my cooling system is new so this a real pain to
>have to replace again.
>Rod was great and sold me the AKG at cost with free shipping and threw
>in a free mount to replace the one that is spinning and is unremovable.
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