Air Temp Fan Motor Deep Pockets

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Tue May 17 19:45:59 EDT 2005

Do I really have to take off the whole dash to do this job?


Yes, as I recall.  The dash top sits on the dashboard casting 
except over the instrument cluster.  The top must be lifted 
to access the motor,  which is a few inches under the grille 
in the top of the dash.  There is a hose under the grille that 
reaches to a nipple on the motor.  I think.  

It's easy to remove the cluster and see for yourself.  

There is a trick to removing the dash top.  There is a screw 
whose head is in one of the square holes in the center of the 
defrosting grate at the front of the dash top, adjacent to the 
windshield.  Access to its allen socket is partially blocked 
by a plastic rod that helps hold the cover sheet into the slot 
for the grate (assumedly to keep it from unraveling.)  The 
trick is ... don't remove the head.  Just turn the screw until 
it comes loose from the fastener in the casting; leave the 
head trapped in the bottom of that slot. Then the dash top 
slides rearward 1-2 inches to clear a finger on the top of 
the dash casting.  Then it can be lifted out.  

Ukiah, CA 

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