Air Temp Fan Motor Deep Pockets

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at
Wed May 18 00:22:08 EDT 2005

          Thanks much for your description of this job.  I will be
taking out the air temp sensor and the plastic dash piece. I ordered
both of them as well as they were cheap. I also got new rubber bushings
that the screws have on each side. Rubber becomes brittle with age and
the bushings lessen any noise that the motor might make. I got the
plastic dash piece as there are  some very slight marks on mine and I
have seen enough old Audis where these become brittle and crack with
         It seems like I could take out the cluster and reach through
taking off the plastic insert and temp sensor and hose.  And unplug the
motor then take out the 2 Phillips screws holding the motor on the metal
        The trick would be to get the screws into the new motor. Maybe
if I used a mini c-clamp
and then a mini-angled rachet. 
        I will most likely be taking the dash off and using your
description to do it.
                                   Thanks again,

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