Trapazoidal arm rear bushing mounting WAS: 4A0 511 247B vs. 249 revisited

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Wed May 18 21:18:03 EDT 2005

> I can't follow this, but my avant is apart so I can look.  Am I looking at 
> the end of the taped end of this trapezoidal arm for two or three bolts 
> around / near the bushing?  My "fiche" shows the same info your does.
-Scott by BOSTON
> In an effort to fix the clunk on the rear of my 200q20v avant, I removed
> the trapezoidal arm on my 200q20v sedan parts car in storage.  The arm
> came out easily on Monday night, and I had planned on swapping parts
> yesterday.  But, the mounting of the bushing carrier for the front of the
> trapezoidal arm, the one with the shot bushing on the avant, is different
> between the two cars.  The parts sedan, MN001527, has two studs for
> mounting the bushing carrier 4A0 511 329A (MG. 5, SG. 5, Illus 45, part
> 18A) as shown in the family album, and the avant, MN027161, has three
> studs for mounting the carrier.  The only vin split I see in the family
> album is for 44-L-125001, which I see as being in 1990.  Can someone check
> a car later than my avant to see if they have two or three studs for that
> mounting?  Do the s-cars use the same rear suspension setup, and if so, do
> they use three studs?

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